Ferrovial in 2023

Health, Safety and Wellbeing


Internalizing health, safety and wellbeing as core values in daily work is crucial to ensure healthy and safe work environments and to accomplish the goals set in this area.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing are fundamental values of Ferrovial, and therefore are supervised by the Board of Directors which monitors them at each meeting held during the year. The Health and Safety Policy, approved by the Board, establishes the principles and values that guide the behavior of employees and collaborators, and is implemented through the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy, which was extended and approved by the Board through 2026, establishing the path to achieve the company’s objectives, with special emphasis on reducing the number of serious and fatal accidents.


with respect to 2022 (on a comparable basis)






  1. SIF Frequency rate (Serious Injury Fatality)e= no. (serious accidents + fatalities)*1,000,000/no. hours worked. Includes employees and contractors.

The strategy, an Organizational approach with the pillars of Leadership, Competence, Resilience and Engagement, has been extended following an assessment and adjustment to adapt it to the changes that have arisen in the company since its approval, adding an Operational approach based on three layers of protection:

I. Planning and preparation.
II. Control and verification.
III. Competence and awareness.

In addition to the two-pronged plan with an Organizational Approach and Operational Approach, within the framework of the 2023 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy, various activities have been implemented in each pillar of this strategic plan:


The objective of this pillar is that every employee inspires, cares for and complies rigorously with health, safety and wellbeing measures. The aim is to make every employee a leader who makes a difference and inspires people to guide their leadership, their approach and their application. In this sense, different initiatives have been carried out in 2023:

  • The Chairman Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards: the strategy emphasizes the importance of rewarding and recognizing exceptional performance. Therefore, changing the name of the award to “The Chairman Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards”, and under the patronage of the Chairman, the third edition was held. A total of 184 nominations were submitted in the following categories: 89 for the best leader in health, safety and wellbeing; 55 for the high-performance team; and 40 for the best innovative technical solution implemented. The awards ceremony, led by the Chairman and CEO, was held in person and included a round table discussion emphasizing the importance of health, safety and wellbeing in the company.
  • The company’s “leaders”, directors and managers, have carried out 2,614 leadership initiatives, reaching 170% of the target. In this regard, all members of the Management Committee and leadership team have made an individual commitment to health, safety and wellbeing in 2023.
  • Finally, executive incidents reviews have continued, involving directors and managers from different levels of the company. These reviews facilitate the analysis of the root causes of high-potential events to learn from them and take the necessary measures to prevent their recurrence.


Under this pillar, which ensures that teams are competent, trained and empowered to perform their duties of health and safety. The “License to Operate” program, launched in 2020, has been maintained, which aims to identify critical positions in health, safety and wellbeing, defining for them a series of specific competencies. To reinforce this initiative, the Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers program has continued, whose purpose is to train leaders to supervise safety, influence, advise, mentor, guide, direct and manage, as well as to develop basic leadership and safety management skills. In this way, frontline leaders are empowered to understand, communicate and drive health, safety and wellbeing.

A total of 258,908 hours of training have been carried out to ensure that the teams are properly trained.



Ferrovial seeks to be prepared to protect its employees, stakeholders and divisions in adverse situations. For this reason, work continues on identifying High Potential Events, which could have potentially caused severe or fatal accidents, although these have been avoided in the end. All of them are reported and analyzed weekly by the Management Committee, both at the level of the different business units and at the corporate level, carrying out an executive review of each one of them, extracting and sharing the lessons learned.

Along with this process, already well established and consolidated within the organization, the following improvements have been made:

  • Broadening the scope to High Potential Observations to preventively identify unsafe situations or actions that could trigger an event with the potential to be a severe or fatal accident.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns.
  • Development of a symposium, where the best health and safety practices of each of the concessions were shared, with the aim of limiting exposure to critical risks derived from road traffic.

In addition to the indicators previously mentioned, the company continues to monitor traditional metrics. In 2023, 63,431 inspections and audits were carried out and 258,908 hours of health and safety training were provided. The frequency rate increased to 4.7 (3.2 in 2022).


    1. *Frequency rate = number of accidents with lost time*1,000,000/No. hours worked
      NOTE: the significant variations in the frequency rate are mainly due to the divestment processes undertaken by the company in the last two years.


    This pillar has been defined to foster a learning environment encouraging knowledge sharing, innovation and effective communication.

    To effectively implement the strategy, every employee must play a relevant role. In this way, each team member is inspired, motivated and empowered to make a difference and create safer

    In 2023, several initiatives have been implemented within the framework of this pillar:

    • III Ferrovial Health, Safety and Wellbeing Week, sponsored by the CEO. Under the motto “Always safe, Always ready” launched in 2021 and keeping the focus on the commitment of leaders, middle managers and supervisors to frontline workers, the 2023 edition has focused on the meaning of “Always ready”.
    • Promoting employee health and wellbeing through the following actions:
      • Expansion of the employee psychological support programs that already existed in the United States and the United Kingdom to other geographies such as Spain, France and Portugal.
      • Increase the impact of the HASAVI wellbeing project in all geographies where the company operates, both in terms of number of participants and initiatives launched in relation to physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.
      • In this regard, Ferrovial has obtained the following awards:
        • Top Wellbeing Company Certification, awarded by INTRAMA, a global human resources consulting firm, which places Ferrovial among the 30 companies with best practices in the implementation of Health and Wellbeing policies. Ferrovial has also received the Top Wellbeing Award from INTRAMA for its commitment to improving the quality of life of its employees.
        • European Sport and Healthy Company Certification, awarded by ACES Europe and DCH (International Organization of Human Capital Managers). This recognition highlights the company’s policies in health, with the aim of promoting physical activity and the wellbeing of employees and their families. This distinction recognizes Ferrovial in the European Parliament, consolidating the company as a healthy international company.


    For Ferrovial, innovation is a lever for change to improve Health, Safety and Wellbeing performance. For this reason, the company encourages employee participation in the search for innovative solutions to circumstances that occur in their daily lives through the Innovate Construction Awards and the Chairman Awards, which include a category called innovative technical solution.

    In addition, the work continues which started in 2018 on the Safety Lab, to turn it into a tool that provides solutions to workers’ challenges on a day-to-day basis and in all work centers.